Snow is Gone, But Harmful Ice-Melt Solution Remains

After a long run of bad weather, thousands of North Texas drivers are expected to wash off chemicals that cause rust and corrosion. Prior to the winter storm, the ice-melt solution called brine, was sprayed on North Texas roads as a pre-treatment to help ice and snow melt on contact. Brine, a mixture of rock salt and magnesium chloride dissolved in water, stays on cars until it is washed off and eats away at the paint and metal.

Washing your car after a storm is not about appearance but rather a necessity to protect against damage. “Many drivers do not know about the long-term effects caused by brine”, said Carmel Car Wash owner John Brodersen. “While the ice-melt solution is an effective way to prepare our streets for bad weather, vehicle owners must take action after the weather clears.”

For many people, their car is the most valuable asset they own after their home. Taking time to wash off the ice-melt solution as soon as possible is a key step in protecting their investment.